Sentimental Sunday – missing images 1

Reading genealogy blogs and twitter it appears that most of us hate to see old photos that have been abandoned at a flea markets or second hand shop.  There is a feeling of sadness at the sight of a box full of memories, discarded, maybe after a bereavement.  As we work through our own research we may only be lucky enough to find a few precious images of our own ancestors and can only imagine the joy of being presented with a whole box of missing images.   I think that was my motivation when,  a couple of years ago I found a big box of old photos in a second hand shop and rather than let them languish I bought them.  There are a few clues as to where they may belong, the names Disney, Vesty, Taylor and Watson are mentioned with connections to Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK.  The photos themselves are lovely; pretty girls, grand old gentlemen, family portraits, farming photos and more.  Today’s is the first in a series I’ll post in the hope of reuniting them with their family.

Disney, Vesty, Taylor and Watson

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