Genealogy art

A few years ago I started experimenting with how to present genealogy in something other than a family tree and I combined ‘altered art’ – using an old book, with digital scrapbooking and artist’s trading cards to come up with this:

I found an old book about gardening which seemed the right size and removed some of the pages. I glued the rest of the pages together and to the back board, I then cut out a niche.
I covered the book with mulberry paper, green on the exterior and cream on the interior. I glued aged lace, a photo in a found frame and a buckle. The buckle serves to keep the book closed and to keep the cards in.

I covered the niche and containing page with black lace fabric leaving it to overlap and covered the niche with burgundy crinkled satin-type fabric. I glued a matching ribbon to one side to make it easier to extract the cards.

I glued scraps of tissue newspaper, mulberry paper, a torn photo and a skeleton leaf to the inside front cover.

I made the ATC cards using digital scrapbooking techniques and a mini-book set from

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