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Sentimental Sunday – missing images 1
Posted on: September 19th, 2010 by pj

Reading genealogy blogs and twitter it appears that most of us hate to see old photos that have been abandoned at a flea markets or second hand shop.  There is a feeling of sadness at the sight of a box full of memories, discarded, maybe after a bereavement.  As we work through our own research we may only be lucky enough to find a few precious images of our own ancestors and can only imagine the joy of being presented with a whole box of missing images.   I think that was my motivation when,  a couple of years ago I found a big box of old photos in a second hand shop and rather than let them languish I bought them.  There are a few clues as to where they may belong, the names Disney, Vesty, Taylor and Watson are mentioned with connections to Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK.  The photos themselves are lovely; pretty girls, grand old gentlemen, family portraits, farming photos and more.  Today’s is the first in a series I’ll post in the hope of reuniting them with their family.

Disney, Vesty, Taylor and Watson

Genealogy gold at Cotesbach
Posted on: September 10th, 2010 by pj

Research and writing have been put aside during the last two weeks when present day family matters demanded attention.  However, today I’ve become re-energised after a trip to a small village on the Leicestershire/Warwickshire border.  Cotesbach is famous as the site of the Enclosure Riots; it is home to a Manor, Cotesbach Hall, an 18th century schoolhouse and today, during a Heritage Open Day it witnessed a slightly over excited family historian.  That would be me then….

I’ve planned on visiting Cotesbach for several years and for no particular reason have never got round to it until today.  It’s not as if its a long complicated trip, just a few miles down the road from home, yet it wasn’t until I noticed that the village was involved in a Heritage Open Day that I was spurred to grab my camera, a printout of my earliest Rainbows, my long suffering husband and head off down the slightly soggy, autumnal lanes of  rural Leicestershire.    The schoolroom at the Cotesbach Educational Trust was built in the late 18th century and there’s a good chance that several of my ancestors stared out of that window wishing lessons were over for the day.